# File Description Version Date Download
1 7-Zip Utility

Utility to unzip files in .7z format (from - Open Source Software)

2 Clonezilla Instructions

Guide for restoring Thinlabs images (Clonezilla format)

ZIP 09/01/2016
3 Thinlabs WES7 Hotfix

Hotfix for Thinlabs systems experiencing CHKDSK issues (Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS, purchased prior to May 20, 2013)

ZIP 05/20/2013
4 USB Image Tool

Tool for restoring Thinlabs system images (download the tool and unzip onto a Windows PC)

ZIP 12/03/2014
5 WES7 - USB Recovery Image (Dualcore)

Use to reload factory firmware running Windows Embedded Standard 7 (TL2100, TL2200, TL7400, TL8300, TL8400 models)

IMZ 06/16/2014
6 Win 10 IOT - Recovery Image (Quadcore)

Use to reload the latest factory firmware running Windows 10 IoT (TL2300, TL2400, TL8500, TL8600 models) - Clonezilla file (download instructions on how to use Clonezilla; unzip w/ 7Zip utility)

7z 09/01/2016