Human Resources

Thinlabs Human Resources Thin Client Solutions

Many departments across an enterprise can benefit from the use of Thinlabs smart client technology solutions, especially an organization’s Human Resources (HR) department.  
Thinlabs has helped numerous HR departments deploy thin client platforms for talent acquisition, recruiting, compensation / benefits management and training, resulting in greater operational efficiency and productivity, with lower total cost of IT ownership for those organizations. 
Significant advantages HR organizations will realize with a Thinlabs thin client enterprise include:
  • More secure personnel data storage and maintenance - not only is data stored at a centralized data center and easily accessible from thin clients, but access to the data is still available in the event of an employee's system failure with the quick swap of a thin client
  • Efficient employee time & attendance management - gone are the days of old time clocks and manual timesheet entry; employees simply use company-provided ID cards or perform a finger scan to check-in and -out of work,
  • Remote system maintenance - HR administrators will experience significantly reduced downtime of their systems, with most maintenance work done remotely by IT personnel
Thinlabs low power computing solutions for your HR thin client infrastructure include:
  • POE All-In-One Green series of Power Over Ethernet computers (delivering power and network through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable for significant installation and power savings, plus increased scalability)
  • HELIOS All-In-One touch screen PC / thin client computer - for use with touch-enabled HR applications, and for time and attendance management utilizing either a barcode, mag-stripe or biometric access reader;
  • ARGUS All-In-One PC / thin client computer - all of the functionality of the HELIOS without the touch screen functionality
  • TALOS and KREIOS thin client computers - a low budget yet sound solution for customers integrating thin clients with existing monitors
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - included FREE with all Thinlabs system purchases, enables remote monitoring / management, system upgrades / tasks, image backup / recovery and more for Thinlabs thin clients
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