Biometrics Computing Solutions

Remember the scene from the movie Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise illegally enters a locked-down vault, strapped to a harness hanging by a rope; alarms set to blare at the slightest room temperature change, sound, or touch of the floor; later frantically pulled through a ceiling vent when an agency’s CTO enters a room after completing a retina scan?

Not striking a nerve? How about the last time you:

  • Logged into a hospital point-of-care system?
  • Were carded at a bar and handed your driver’s license to the rent-a-cop at the door?
  • Opened a door lock with a hotel room security card?
  • Checked in at an airport terminal kiosk?
  • Listened to five suspects in a “Law & Order” lineup repeat the same phrase?
  • Provided an ID number to a cafeteria lunch line worker to deduct a meal from an automated account?
  • Slid a company card through a mag stripe reader to update your time clock management system record?
  • Watched Mark Harmon run a DNA match test on CSI?
  • Signed off on a new loan through on-line documents rather than in person?

All of the above (some more extreme than others) are examples of biometrics and biometric authentication which shape today’s world as we know it - physiological and behavioral identifiers, token-based and knowledge-based ID systems; all involving different human parameters, assorted setups; unique system needs and requirements.

Thinlabs’ Custom Development Solutions team are experts at presenting highly customizable twenty-first century answers to difficult technical problems, incorporating an enterprise’s biometric solution at any level and complexity, including but not limited to:

All solutions are effectively managed with Thinlabs Device Manager, the premiere enterprise management solution that can handle tens of thousands of systems from a single off-site location.

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