Cloud Computing

Reaching for the “Clouds” with Thin Clients

Today, while organizations are reaching for the stars when it comes to corporate profits, their IT organizations are finding success in the “clouds.”

More than one-third of companies worldwide have embraced cloud computing to date, with more joining their ranks daily. Many are using thin client technology to tap into the cloud and realize the cost-savings and workflow efficiencies of smart thin clients and cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a growing approach to provisioning and delivering on-demand services, solutions and software using public and private networks, including Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)-based networks.

With a secure VDI network and using thin clients, such as Thinlabs smart clients, an enterprise network can have access to a host of cloud-based software solutions using just a browser and Internet connection. The combination of cloud computing services and a thin client platform can be a powerful, reliable and cost-effective tool for organizations in a variety of industries. Thinlabs can help your organization design and develop a solution to take advantage of today’s cloud computing services and position a company’s IT infrastructure to support future growth and tomorrow’s cloud computing innovations.

For more information on how Thinlabs can help implement a well-managed thin client network that delivers the best possible return-on-investment for your organization, contact us.