Did You Know? The Thinlabs' Top 10 List

  1. Thinlabs has been providing the finest in thin client computing solutions for companies worldwide since 1998.
  2. In about the time it takes to make a pot of coffee, a brand new Thinlabs all-in-one touch computer or box client module could be setup and running.
  3. A Thinlabs Power Over Ethernet (POE+) computer can be setup without a power supply, up to 100 meters away from a POE power source, and reduces electrical requirements up to 90%.
  4. Thinlabs’ All-In-One PCT Touch and IR Touch systems do not require calibration.
  5. Our KREIOS Intel Quad Core box client module uses less power than a high-efficiency light bulb.
  6. Our Industrial integrated computer solutions are built with IP65 compliant front panels for complete protection against dust and other non-corrosive materials, plus offers enclosure protection from nozzle-projected water in any direction.
  7. The Thinlabs Device Manager 4.0 Enterprise Management Solution was featured in the January 2015 edition of the Linux Journal.
  8. Thinlabs Custom Development Solutions helps clients meet specific company needs, including custom hardware development, OEM branding and embedded software development.
  9. Thinlabs all-in-one computers and thin client modules have no moving parts, are ultra-quiet and will not add any noise pollution to your working environment.
  10. Thinlabs resellers are available in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan for your convenience; plus offers a host of benefits for members of Thinlabs' Value Added Reseller Program.

Not everyone may have heard of Thinlabs yet, but they will.  Contact a Thinlabs representative today to find out more about Thinlabs’ product solutions!