Education Solutions From Thinlabs

Many educational institutions of all sizes are behind the times in the technology department, working with donated or used second-hand equipment which is well-appreciated but deficient by today’s standards; handcuffed by miniscule budgets due to constant constraints delivered from educational boards and local governmental bodies that think small instead of seeing the big picture.

What they fail to realize is that a properly implemented Thinlabs thin client desktop virtualization solution will bring significant benefits, transforming it into a well-run modern operation, offering many advantages to this highly competitive educational marketplace, that will pay for itself many times over.

Staff no longer being bumped from their computer systems for weekly virus pattern updates and data backups since MIS staff is handling tasks remotely; teachers uploading class exercises to 30 - 300 systems across one or multiple locations simultaneously with the push of a button; alumni board of director meetings and the coordination of multi-million dollar donor proposals over a Skype conference call - this is all possible in today’s world of desktop virtualization.


Thinlabs’ Custom Development Solutions team will plan and design a customized long-lasting software solution for your educational institution, configurable to meet your unique business and security requirements, utilizing the latest industry standard Internet browsers and technologies.

Other benefits offered by a Thinlabs thin client solution include, but are not limited to:

  • Streamlined internal administrative operations
  • A “Model of Efficiency” – utilize the solution to recruit top future candidates
  • Ease of use at all levels (administrative, instructional, IT)
  • Rapid system setup / deployment
  • Quick system replacement without data loss in case of system failure
  • Highly secure student and organizational data, with all information stored at the server level
  • Sharply reduced electrical expenses and installation requirements (when utilizing Thinlabs POE Computers)
  • Minimal IT support overhead requirements
  • Transparent remote system maintenance and updates (when utilizing Thinlabs Device Manager 4.0)
  • Customized user desktop appears wherever logged in, for a more enjoyable user experience
  • PC-like performance from a thin client


Contact a Thinlabs representative for more information on how to setup your thin client solution in your higher place of learning!


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