Intelligent Buildings Are Missing a Key Aspect: The Desktop Computer

Intelligent Buildings are here to stay. Driven by intelligent systems that control all elements of an office digitally, smart solutions can allocate seats, control lighting, cool or heat the occupied workspace, operate digital security systems and provide wireless access to employees and guests. The end result is an environment that is measurable, controllable and green, efficiently and effectively.

IP convergence is the mantra of the digital building. The concept of using a single IP network to replace as many as 8 or 9 different systems, each having proprietary wiring, connectors and ‘service experts’, is a no-brainer. Not only is this more cost effective but it is safer (Power over Ethernet - POE, is low voltage), consumes less power and features greater efficiency (AC/DC conversion), making it an attractive proposition for businesses and offices.

The Digital Building overlooks a key aspect: The Computer.

Offices are built around the computer - the most important item in your desk. If it were not for the computer, people would rather meet up in pubs or at beaches to interact with their colleagues! Additionally, if the rest of the building is powered by Ethernet cabling, keeping electric cabling at floor level (or desk level) seems odd - especially when the savings and flexibilities are greater at floor level.

Enter Thinlabs: Thinlabs PoE Computers are powerful, feature large HD screens, and are versatile - they can function as a standard desktop or Cloud Client and are Powered over Ethernet - just like those LED lights.

Incorporating all the benefits of LED lighting and the digital ceiling proposition, Thinlabs PoE Computers make a lot of business sense with the following savings:

  • No electrical cabling in the office - no electrical contractor costs
  • Power backup from the Network Switch
  • Very easy adds, moves and changes
  • Greater security - devices can be allocated based on office seat allocation software - devices are powered on only with authentication

Additionally, Thinlabs’ range of devices include larger screen units (32, 42 and 46 inch) and are designed for digital signage uses in the office, including in conference rooms and recreational areas.

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