Tech Scouting Report - Thinlabs PoE Computers and Digital Signage


Thinlabs’ PoE solution was reviewed by three CxOs from three different industry segments and include Seth A. Kaplan, a CTO with Healthcare Industry experience; Shawn Pressley, a CIO with Construction Industry experience; and Gary Marshall, a CIO with IT Services Industry experience.

All three of our executives were impressed with Thinlabs’ PoE solution. They noted the solution provides a strong low power computing platform that could have a significant impact on the enterprise.

Seth A. Kaplan, CTO Healthcare Industry, relayed that, “Thinlabs is in the right place at the right time, especially when the trend is to go ‘clean and green’... streamlined and clutter-less (fewer wires). With the right use cases, as an alternative to VDI components, or for training rooms, or any of their current thoughts like medical carts (COWs) and industrial machinery, Thinlabs will undoubtedly take off and set the standard for PoE computing.”

Shawn Pressley, CIO Construction Industry, shared “Thinlabs’ PoE will be of interest to the traditional CIO and CTO and multiple industries including Healthcare, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Retail, Airports (display and signage), as well as the Security industry.”

Per Gary Marshall, CIO IT Services Industry, “Thinlabs could potentially fundamentally influence the world computing platform, particularly cloud providers with mega-data centers.” In summary, the CxO team considers Thinlabs’ PoE computer and display solutions to be a viable solution for the enterprise.

“Great stuff… looking forward to seeing and reading a lot more about Thinlabs in the future. Keep an eye on that Cisco relationship too. I can see good things coming from them as there's a lot of synergy between them,” commented Seth Kaplan.

Please read the report in more detail here, then check out Thinlabs' POE Computers and Digital Signage solutions.