Computers with RFID Support for Greater Inventory Control

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology presents opportunities for revolutionizing and streamlining a company’s supply chain management process. Utilizing what is essentially the next-generation barcode, RFID tags have the advantage of using secure read-write technology to maintain a complete product history on the tag itself.

Like a vehicle’s EZ-Pass that government agencies use to track cars and automate toll management instead of sorting quarters from “Exact Change” lines, companies can update their product counts immediately by simply swiping an RFID scanner in front of individual or entire pallets of products equipped with RFID tags, for highly effective inventory control.

Benefits a properly configured Thinlabs computer solution with RFID Support can bring include but are not limited to:

  • set auto-alerts when inventory reaches critical levels
  • reduce lead time for longer product life
  • help predict Point-of-Sale supply / demand requirements of both products and parts, based on product sales history
  • provide quicker and more accurate inventory count for reduced order filling time
  • continuously monitor inventory movement in real-time, minimizing theft, improving package tracking and increasing inventory control
  • automatically scan desired products and update purchase totals when placed in a cart, for rapid check-out and payment from pre-approved bank accounts or credit cards

Thinlabs All-in-One and box module computers, notably the HELIOS, ARGUS and KREIOS models, are compatible with many leading RFID products. A properly-managed Thinlabs computer solution with RFID support will prove to be an invaluable tool of your overall inventory automation control. Contact a Thinlabs representative today to discuss incorporating Thinlabs Computer Solutions with RFID Support into your supply chain management solution.