TDM - Thinlabs Device Manager

Registered Thinlabs users can check the status of a product by Serial Number or Sales Order Number
on our Warranty Lookup page.

Select either Serial Number or Sales Order Number.
Enter the corresponding information and click Lookup.


To find the MAC ID / Address of a system, either:

  • Locate the MAC ID label on the back plastics of the system.
    • On integrated thin clients, the MAC ID label is located on the back, below the power input jack.
    • On thin client computers, the MAC ID label is located on the back of the system, below the certification label.

  • In MS Windows, from a command prompt, type:
    ipconfig -all

    Under the settings of the active network adapter, look for the Physical Address.
    The MAC address will be in the format


Serial numbers of Thinlabs All-In-One Systems and Box Modules are 12 digits in length; serial numbers of ADITI Lithium Ion Batteries are 6 digits in length.

Certification stickers with serial numbers are located on the back of box client modules.

On integrated thin clients, there is a certification sticker on the back of the system;
newer models also have a 2nd serial number sticker either on the left side bezel or on the bottom of the bezel.

If the certification sticker has been destroyed, contact Thinlabs Support.


Here is a checklist of tasks to try if receiving a BSOD on your screen:

  • Check the Virtual Memory settings to see if they've been adjusted from Thinlabs factory defaults.
  • Ensure Pagefile is Disabled if using an Embedded product with EWF set to Enabled.
  • Remove any user-installed software or drivers, one at a time, rebooting after each removal (be sure that EWF is Disabled first).
  • Reload the firmware.
  • Replace the RAM.
  • Reimage the disk.