If your system will not start, check the following:


  • If the power button is pressed, does the system turn on?

Power Supply:

  • Does the power supply light come on?
  • Is there a loud hissing sound coming from the power supply?
    if Yes, the power supply may need to be replaced.
  • Check power cable connection to the AC adapter
  • Check DC connection to the thin client
  • Does the power supply work with another Thinlabs system?
  • Does the power supply work on another electrical outlet?
  • Does the system work with a different Thinlabs-approved power supply?
    [NOTE: Using non Thinlabs-approved power supplies with Thinlabs system voids all warranties].
  • Does the power supply connector fit snugly into the DC-In Port of the motherboard?


  • Is a Thinlabs-approved PoE switch being used?
  • Is the PoE switch powered on and configured correctly?
  • Is the port on the PoE switch to which the system is connected working?
  • Is the CAT5e/CAT6 network cable from the PoE switch to the PoE-In port working?
  • Has sufficient time been given for the system to boot (systems with PoE BIOS may take up to 30 seconds to display a welcome screen as there is low-level negotiation between the PoE switch and system)?

PoE Injector:

  • Is the power cord properly connected to the Injector, and the power light from the injector on?
  • Is there a network cable connected from the "OUT" port of the injector to the "IN" port of the system's PoE splitter?
  • Is a network cable connected to the "IN" port of the injector?

External PoE Splitter:

  • Is there power from the PoE splitter to the motherboard power port?
  • Is the PoE working on another system?


  • Is the battery charged?  If yes, the battery may need resetting.  See this FAQ.
  • Is the proper charger being used to charge the battery?
  • ONLY connect the charger to the battery - DO NOT directly connect the battery charger to the system as the motherboard will be overloaded and short out, voiding the warranty.
  • Is the battery properly connected to the system?  
    See the FAQ on Battery support for more information.
  • Is the battery cable in good condition?


We can use your shipping information for processing, although there may still be handling charges incurred as we are supplying the packing materials and cartons.

ADITI mobile computers and other products that ship with a Lithium Ion battery must be shipped and billed on a Thinlabs shipping account as they are shipped under a special UPS hazmat contract.


If the system is powered off, the battery will generally take 4-5 hours to charge.
It will take significantly longer if attempting to charge while operating your system.

If the battery is not properly charging:

  • Check the electrical outlet where the charger is connected
  • Verify the power cord is in good condition and properly connected to the battery charger
  • Verify the green light on the battery charger is on when plugged in
  • Check the charger connector at the end of the charger cable to verify all pins are properly seated
  • Check the charger connector cable is in good condition
  • Check the connector from the battery to the system is in good condition and firmly connected to the system
  • Check the connection jack on the motherboard


A new battery can be expected to get 18 hours of charge - batteries will gradually reduce at an approximate rate of 15-20% per year depending on the number of charges.

See the Technical Specification documentation of your ADITI medical cart computer for more information.


Battery performance will gradually reduce depending on number of charges of the battery.
In most cases, our battery will last over 3 years but varies on a case-by-case basis.

See the Technical Specifications of your ADITI Mobile Computer for Medcart product for more information.


- Check that the USB cable from the battery to the system is properly connected.
- Check that the power meter icon is active on the lower right hand corner of the desktop.

See the ADITI Mobile Computer for Medcarts Power Bank Guide for more information.


If the battery on your ADITI Mobile Computer for Medcarts is partially charged, and the system is not turning on, try the following:

  • Unplug the battery.
  • Press the reset button.
  • Plug the battery into the battery charger (DO NOT PLUG THE CHARGER INTO THE COMPUTER).
  • Charge the battery to full strength (this could take up to 5 hours).
  • Reconnect the battery to the system.