PoE+ benefits

There are numerous environmental, cost and management benefits for using thin clients, but one of the benefits often overlooked is the ability of thin clients to take advantage of emerging power and data technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). Installing Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) combines data and power, and sends it through the Ethernet cable. Your potential savings from electrical installations could run over $400 per outlet, which would turn out to be quite substantial based on the number of devices to be set up.

In addition to being a secure, scalable and reliable power and data source, PoE delivers a number of benefits over standard connectivity, including:

  • Reducing expensive electrical wiring by up to 90 percent;
  • Eliminating the need for power outlets or locating a device near or adjacent to existing power sources;
  • Increased system flexibility with a solid platform for any networking hardware investment, and supports future PoE enabled application requirements;
  • Operating during a power failure when using a UPS for backup of the PoE switch or midspan powering devices;
  • Increased maintenance efficiency by being able to shut down or reset devices remotely;
  • Simplifying the installation of thin clients, resulting in shorter installation times and less “man-hours” and resources needed for deployment.

Some organizations on the cutting-edge technology innovation in their industry are using PoE thin clients. With the recent creation of IEEE’s 802.3at PoE+ standard, which helps support HD video and other advanced devices, Thinlabs expects that more clients and industries will embrace PoE Computers.

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