PoE Thin Clients

PoE Thin Clients - An Overlooked Enterprise Network Asset


(updated 2019-06-14) There is no doubt that integrated thin clients deliver numerous environmental, cost and management benefits.  One benefit often overlooked, however, is the ability of thin clients to take advantage of emerging power and data technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the more advanced PoE+ standard. 

Thinlabs PoE thin clients allow for a single Ethernet cable to be used as both a data connection and electrical power for desktop or remote devices. The technology allows for a cost-effective, secure, scalable and reliable power and data source for unique and customized smart thin client networks.

As the network continues to take a more central role within organizations and in all of our lives, many organizations on the cutting-edge of technology network innovation in their industry are using Thinlabs POE Computers, which can fit almost any environment and are available with a touch screen or with non-touch option.

In addition, with the recent creation of IEEE’s 802.3at PoE+ standard, which supports High Definition video and other advanced devices, more companies and industries will embrace Thinlabs PoE thin clients in the coming months and years.

Here are five reasons why Thinlabs' Power Over Ethernet Computers are the right choice for your organization:

1) Significant Energy Savings:

Typical desktop computers consume anywhere from 60- 250 Watts of power (source:  michaelbluejay.com).  With intelligent energy management systems, average power consumption could be reduced with the computer going into standby or sleep modes; however this requires investments in terms of management and implementation time.  
Thinlabs is the only organization to offer 19 and 22 inch Windows/Linux thin client computers operating under IEEE’s 802.3at PoE+ standards (30W) while consuming less than one-half the power of the standard desktop.  Utilizing the same energy saving measures will reduce overall energy consumption significantly, delivering a viable alternative to a regular desktop.

2) Measurement:

The typical organization spends about one-fourth of total energy costs on powering Information and Communications (ICT) equipment.  The desktop commands a significant share of this cost, but most organizations do not measure ICT energy consumption.  Using a network centric approach will help organizations better monitor and measure ICT device usage.  There are solutions available in the market that helps monitor and manage ICT device usage (Joulex, Verdiem).  The advantage of utilizing PoE thin clients is that these devices can be controlled remotely and turned completely off - there are no adapters or power supply switches that remain powered on to consume energy like in a regular desktop computer, thereby maximizing cost saving opportunities.

3) Control & Security:

PoE thin clients are powered by a network switch and can be controlled by the network.  They have only one source of power input (via the network) and therefore can be powered on only with the necessary network permissions.  The network manager can also power up or down individual devices remotely across a LAN or WAN, providing an added level of security and reducing risks of unauthorized access.  Additionally, the network can record where and when the PoE thin clients are being used, creating a useful log of device usage for the organization.

4) Reliability:

With the use of a proper backup power system or UPS, a PoE switch continues to operate in case of power loss so an organization can continue to operate for a significant period of time when utilizing Thinlabs energy-conserving PoE thin clients, even under a state of power failure.

5) Flexibility:

PoE thin clients do not require a separate electrical supply.  Potential savings from electrical installations could reach $400 per outlet, which could become quite substantial based on the number of devices to be setup.  It also eliminates the need for power outlets or locating a device near or adjacent to existing power sources, providing increased system flexibility with a solid platform for any networking hardware investment, while supporting future PoE-enabled application requirements.

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