Thinlabs Launches World-first AiO PoE Computer Powered by Quad Core Technology

Thinlabs, the leading independent manufacturer of specialized thin client and desktop computing solutions since 1998, has launched the first All-In-One (AIO) POE Computer with Quad-Core technology (Power Over Ethernet conforming to IEEE’s POE 802.3AT+ standards).
Thinlabs All-In-One POE Computers with AMD Quad Core Technology

PoE Thin Clients

POE Thin Clients: An Overlooked Enterprise Network Asset - There is no doubt that thin clients deliver numerous environmental, cost and management benefits. One benefit often overlooked, however, is the ability of thin clients to take advantage of emerging power and data technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the more advanced PoE+ standard.

PoE Computers - The Smart Sustainable Option

The network continues to take a more central role in an organisation. As more 'things' today are connected to the network, have an IP address, companies are beginning to realise the benefits of employing converged architecture for everything from controlling systems, building management systems, transportation (escalators/ elevators) and energy management.


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