Thinlabs Retail Thin Client Solutions

Thinlabs customers increasingly use Thinlabs all-in-one PoE computers for point of sale applications and digital signage in the retail space.  Thinlabs PoE computers can make your store safer and provide more flexibility, while improving customer service and information sharing.

  • PoE Touch Computers for Self Service Checkouts & Timecard Management
  • Reduced Wiring, Valuable in Solutions requiring Conveyor Belts
  • Thin Client Modules for Tight Fitting Locations
  • Conformal Coating for Systems in Food Preparation Areas
  • Antibacterial Plastics to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Printers over PoE Capability
  • Openframe System options for Proprietary Kiosk Enclosures, featuring optional Vandal Proof Touch Screen with Tempered Shatter-Proof Glass for High Volume Areas

Thinlabs low power retail / POS thin client solutions  include:

  • PoE All-In-One touch computers utilizing Power Over Ethernet technology (POE 802.3at+) for customers requiring system setups in places lacking electrical outlets
  • OPEN FRAME touch screen computers for seamless integration into your company's kiosk enclosure (soda fountains, movie rental kiosks, fashion configurators and more); available with optional vandal-proof touch screen and tempered shatter-proof glass for high traffic areas
  • Digital Signage solutions for large menu displays

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