Thin Client Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Thinlabs computers for the hospitality industry are designed for use throughout a corporate enterprise, from large easy-to-read menus & event listings, quick front-desk access of client data & order services, to industrial solutions in cooking areas covered with oil and residue.
  • PoE Computers for Service Desk, Reservation and PoS Management
  • Conformal Coated Industrial Systems for busy restaurant and kitchen areas
  • Time Clock Management
  • Effective Lobby Signage & Menu Displays
  • Secure VDI Environment
  • Minimal Central System Management & Maintenance on a Regional / National / Global Level
  • Low Power & Energy Consumption
Thinlabs low power hospitality computing solutions include:
  • POE - All-In-One Green series of POE computers (power and network through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable) with conformal coating for customers requiring highly reliable performance in tough working environments
  • HELIOS - All-In-One touchscreen computers - a powerful yet environmentally friendly solution that can handle essential reservation, Point of Sale and service desk systems 24/7
  • Digital Signage Solutions - large menu and information displays
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