Thinlabs Human Resources Thin Client Solutions

The advantage of fewer cables, greater security, lower power consumption and backup via a switch (in turn backed up with a UPS) is a great combination for banks and financial services companies. Additionally, Thinlabs' Financial Services customers experience the benefit of greater flexibility in moving and changing computer locations or adding new devices to teams and functions.
In addition to standard virtualization benefits, banks and financial institutions can also benefit from the following:
  • PoE computers - no need for electrical plug points. Thinlabs all-in-one computers also greatly reduce the number of cables in the office;
  • Dual screen PoE Computers - from ONE ethernet port - no need for plug points for the main computer or an additional monitor;
  • Faster MACs - faster moves, adds and changes to end-user computers in the office - a smart computer for the smart buildings of today;
  • Digital signage - in bank branches or offices, install signage faster, safer and more conveniently than ever before;
  • Power backup - consolidate your power backup - backing up network switches automatically ensures resilience for the computers.
Thinlabs low power computing solutions for your banking and finance infrastructure include:
  • POE All-In-One Green series of Power Over Ethernet computers (delivering power and network through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable for significant installation and power savings, plus increased scalability)
  • HELIOS All-In-One touch screen Quad Core computer - for use with touch-enabled applications
  • ARGUS All-In-One integrated computer - all of the functionality of the HELIOS without the touch screen functionality
  • KREIOS thin client computers - a low budget yet sound solution for customers integrating thin clients with existing monitors
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - strong remote desktop management for your VDI implementation (included at no additional cost with Thinlabs system purchases, allows IT administrators to remotely manage systems, apply system updates, backup / restore / clone system images and more)
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