Thinlabs Custom Development Solutions

In addition to delivering high-quality low-power all-in-one computers, Thinlabs can leverage its years of experience and expertise in the industry to offer a number of service options or a complete solution to its valued customers including:


Hardware Development

With our extensive global network, Thinlabs can partner with companies to develop and deliver our own proprietary thin client hardware, plus can help design and manufacture required packing, metal components, plastics, motherboard and other needed hardware.


Embedded Software

Thinlabs offers fully featured embedded software solutions delivering superior performance, compatibility and functionality.  Our software options and extensions, which support BIOS and OS level embedded development based on Linux / Windows platforms, let customers tailor products to a wide range of designs, needs and verticals. Thinlabs solutions also feature Write Filter Protection for safe, authorized addition and removal of system applications.


OEM Branding

Thinlabs specializes in customizing products to meet specific requirements of large OEM customers.

  • Embedded software development designed to customer specifications
  • Branding with customized screen startup, splash screens and logos, and product packaging with custom labeling
  • Product certifications, with customer company name on certification stickers (FCC / UL / CE / RoHS)
  • Product warehousing and Direct / Drop shipments worldwide
  • 15", 17", 19"22", 24" screen-size options


Contact a Thinlabs representative for more information on our custom service offerings.