My Windows Embedded 7 Computer is in a "CHKDSK" loop and I can never log on

SNs affected: Windows Embedded Devices

To run CHKDSK utility, EWF Manager must be set to Disabled.
If your system is set to Enabled, the system will not save changes made by the CHKDSK utility.

  • During the Windows boot process, press a key to cancel CHKDSK when prompted.
  • Open EWF Manager, select Disable EWF and reboot.
  • Allow CHKDSK to run - the system will automatically reboot.
  • Log on with Administrator-level privileges.
  • Press the Start button and type CMD in the Search bar.
  • Right-click CMD.EXE and choose Run As Administrator.
  • Type:
      chkntfs /x c: d:
      [press ENTER].
  • Close the command prompt.
  • Open EWF Manager, select Enable EWF and reboot.