My mouse jumps around the desktop

Models affected:  TL2530, TL2640, TL8510, TL8610

(1) Uninstall Current AMD Driver
- Select Settings --> Add or Remove Programs
- Highlight AMD Software
- select Uninstall --> Uninstall --> Yes
- Click 'Restart Now' when done
  Device will restart.
(2) New AMD Software Install with AMD Updates Disabled
- Start an internet browser.
- Go to (copy internet link and paste)
- click 'Download' and then 'Save' (internet browser can be closed)
- Run the installation file
- click 'Install' (this may take several minutes)
- click 'Express Install'
- When option to install 'Radeon Relive' appears, click 'Skip'
- Be sure 'Keep system up to date' is unchecked, and click 'Restart now'
  Device will restart.
(3) Ensure Scheduled Tasks is Cleared
- go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Task Scheduler
- be sure there is no task installed for AMD updates
  Close any open windows - device is ready to use.