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Thinlabs All-in-One computer can now be paired with up to 2 Full HD screens in our new patent-pending, world-first solution - and still powered over Ethernet by a single network cable. Thinlabs multi-screen solutions are available in 19", 22" and 24" and comply to PoE+ and PoE++ standards.


Thinlabs All-in-One computers feature optional PCT touchsreens and can be used as kiosks or HMI devices

All-in-One Computer
Tri-Screen Computer
  • All-in-One Computer

    All-in-One Computer

    Thinlabs All-in-One with Ryzen ® processor Powered over Ethernet

  • Dual-screen

    All-in-one Computer with HD Screen and Full HD monitor Powered over Ethernet by a single cable

  • Tri-Screen Computer

    Tri-Screen Computer

    All-in-One Computer with HD Screen and 2 Full HD Monitors powered over Ethernet by a single cable

Green Technology

  • Reduces electrical costs up to 90% (cabling, outlets, installation, surge suppressor, backup and electrician expenses)
  • Power and network through a single Ethernet cable for greatly simplified IT infrastructure requirements
  • Much safer, secure and reliable to operate than typical desktop installations
  • Utilizes lldp negotiation of electrical power requirements between systems and power sources

Innovative Design

  • Compatible with Cisco UPOE, 802.3BT, Phihong / Microsemi 60W midspan injectors, and other Thinlabs-certified devices
  • Available as a full-fledged desktop or embedded device

    Flexibility and Ease of Use

    • Significantly increased portability and kiosk placement options; setup & operate workstations comfortably up to 100 meters away from POE 802.3at+ power sources
    • Reliable operation - works through power failures when implemented with an effective central backup power management strategy (such as UPS backup)
    • More efficient system maintenance - shut down or reset devices remotely (when managed by Thinlabs Device Manager enterprise management software)

    Comprehensive Regulatory and Eco-Friendly Compliance

    • Compliant with CE, RoHS, US FCC B & EN60950 regulations

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    Product Line

    Custom Development?

    Looking to further customize this product?

    Thinlabs Custom Development Solutions leverages its years of industry experience and expertise to offer a number of customized service options, including custom hardware development, OEM branding and embedded software.


    Reseller Partner Program

    Profit from sought-after thin client solutions with the Thinlabs Reseller Partner Program - use as a standalone offering or complement existing technology services.