World First Dual-Screen PoE Computer by Thinlabs

Thinlabs introduces a world-first Dual Screen PoE Computer, the green solution of the future – two full screens (available in 19", 22" & 24") AND a Ryzen CPU powered over a single Ethernet Cable, running off a single PoE port (IEEE’s 802.3bt or Cisco’s UPoE) and using less than 60W, one-third of the power of similar legacy setups.

Ideally suited for Financial services, Healthcare, Backoffice operations, Education and Government verticals, Thinlabs Dual Screen PoE Computers not only reduce clutter but both capital and operational costs (including simplified electrical infrastructure, reduced energy consumption, lower HVAC costs and consolidated UPS backup systems), with potential payback in 3 years when compared with legacy systems.

Dual Monitor PoE Computers from Thinlabs
Dual Display PoE Computers from Thinlabs
  • Dual Monitor PoE Computers from Thinlabs

    PoE Dual Display

    Run two PoE computers from a single cable

  • Dual Display PoE Computers from Thinlabs

    Dual Monitor POE Computers

    Comfortably view system files across two monitors

Green Technology

  • Reduces electrical costs up to 90% (cabling, outlets, installation, surge suppressor, backup and electrician expenses)
  • Power and network through a single Ethernet cable for greatly simplified IT infrastructure requirements
  • Much safer, secure and reliable to operate than typical desktop installations
  • Utilizes lldp negotiation of electrical power requirements between systems and power sources

Innovative Design

  • Compatible with Cisco UPOE, 802.3BT, Phihong / Microsemi 60W midspan injectors, and other Thinlabs-certified devices
  • Available as a full-fledged desktop or embedded device

    Flexibility and Ease of Use

    • Significantly increased portability and kiosk placement options; setup & operate workstations comfortably up to 100 meters away from POE 802.3at+ power sources
    • Reliable operation - works through power failures when implemented with an effective central backup power management strategy (such as UPS backup)
    • More efficient system maintenance - shut down or reset devices remotely (when managed by Thinlabs Device Manager enterprise management software)

    Comprehensive Regulatory and Eco-Friendly Compliance

    • Compliant with CE, RoHS, US FCC B & EN60950 regulations

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    Product Line

    Custom Development?

    Looking to further customize this product?

    Thinlabs Custom Development Solutions leverages its years of industry experience and expertise to offer a number of customized service options, including custom hardware development, OEM branding and embedded software.


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