POE Computers for Healthcare Environments

Secure 24/7, anywhere access to patient information in Point-of-Care and EMR systems, and maintaining quality of patient care, are top priorities for today’s healthcare professionals - providers are increasingly turning to smart client technology to address these issues.
Smart client technology cost-effectively optimizes clinical workflow for greater application reliability, while providing access to critical healthcare and patient information.
Significant benefits of Thinlabs Medical Grade PCs / Thin Client computers for healthcare providers include:
  • Centralizing access to electronic health records, insurance and patient data, and provider applications through a proven, secure and reliable IT network; 
  • Quiet, space-saving, long-lasting performance
  • Facilitating rapid and cost-effective system adoption of regulatory mandates affecting the healthcare industry, its providers and one’s current IT infrastructure;
  • Long-lasting battery-operated mobile system access
  • Anti-bacterial plastics
  • Deploying a reliable, robust, scalable and environment-friendly IT infrastructure for providers of all sizes, from small medical practices up to large, multi-facility healthcare providers; and
  • Ensuring privacy of highly sensitive patient data, while meeting Industry and governmental regulation compliance such as HIPAA and HITECH, when using Thinlabs thin client computers with privacy filters installed.
  • Compliance to Meaningful Use requirements, allowing easy and secure access to patient data anywhere with seamless single sign-on access integration capabilities and support for Two Factor Authentication (2FA).
Thinlabs has worked closely with healthcare providers to deploy thin client environments that streamline clinical, billing and administration processes, while enabling compliance with industry and governmental regulations.
Thinlabs low power computing solutions best suited for the needs of healthcare customers include:
  • POE All-In-One Green series of Power Over Ethernet computers (delivering power and network through a single CAT5e / CAT6 cable for significant cost and power savings, while allowing greater scalability in setting up an IT enterprise)
  • HELIOS All-In-One touch screen integrated computers with privacy filter and wall mount installed (can be mounted in the hallways of hospitals or assisted living facilities)
  • ARGUS All-In-One PC / thin client computers (all the features of the HELIOS, minus the touch screen functionality - nurse stations)
  • KREIOS and TALOS thin client computers (for cost-conscious customers not ready to dispose of existing monitors, or do not yet have the budget, the TALOS is a powerful but budget-friendly option)
  • ADITI All-In-One touch screen medical cart computers (for customers needing real-time anytime anywhere data access; can be used on mobile carts, medcarts and inventory carts)
  • Thinlabs Device Manager (included at no additional cost with Thinlabs system purchases, allows IT administrators to remotely manage systems, apply system updates, backup / restore / clone system images and more)
Contact a Thinlabs representative for more information on how Thinlabs can help your healthcare organization reap the benefits of smart client technology, or shop our current POE and Mobile computer offerings now!