Thinlabs Retail Thin Client Solutions

According to reliable industry sources, more than 70 percent of today’s retailers are taking significant steps to centralize office and store processes. As a result, a major trend within the retail market is the replacing of expensive PC-based networks with more affordable, manageable, flexible and secure smart client technology. 

Thinlabs' thin client solutions allow retailers to:
  • Eliminate security and virus issues common with applications residing on the desktop;
  • Focus more attention on customers while reducing the worry of their IT infrastructure;
  • Maintain data centrally at the server;
  • Improve business workflow efficiencies and reduce point-of-sale (POS) and desktop support costs; and
  • Leverage more POS retail innovations, including self-serve kiosks with anti-bacterial plastics or Openframe option, mobile / remote checkouts, self-serve kiosks, and advanced stocking / inventory applications.

Thinlabs has a variety of low power thin client solutions to handle the needs of the retailer, including:

  • HELIOS All-In-One touch screen thin client computers (for self-serve checkouts; timecard management, ...)
  • POE Computers - All-In-One thin clients utilizing Power Over Ethernet technology (POE 802.3at+) for customers requiring system setups in places lacking electrical outlets)
  • OPEN FRAME touch screen thin client computers, for seamless integration into your company's kiosk enclosure (soda fountains, movie rental kiosks, fashion configurators and more); available with optional vandal-proof IR touch screen and tempered shatter-proof glass for high traffic areas
  • KREIOS and TALOS thin client and zero client computers, for use in tight-fitting spots while requiring fast, secure access to IT applications stored at the server level, or for budget-conscious customers wishing to utilize existing IT assets as long as possible (monitors)
  • Thinlabs Device Manager - included with all Thinlabs system purchases; for remote system management (essential for large retail chains); image backup / recovery; upgrades & task updates

Thinlabs has helped numerous retailers cost-effectively deploy thin clients from the warehouse through the end sale.  Thinlabs systems are ideal for use in chain stores, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls and more. 

To learn more how Thinlabs can help your retail organization leverage smart client technology, contact a Thinlabs representative today.