Customized Hardware Solutions

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

Henry Ford’s quote is probably the first story taught in most business schools. Customers will come to you if you have a great product. Customers will stay if you give them what they want - a product that stands out in terms of performance; customized (as required) to suit their individual needs. It’s like a cell phone customer saying how they love a phone they’re looking at, but wishing it could do their dishes, walk their animals and make dinner for them as well.

With price being a key aspect of the hardware market, many companies offer a base product at a competitive price, but charge extra for simple things such as extra memory or additional features such as bluetooth or wireless. When businesses want to customise hardware to include other features such as fingerprint readers, cameras, printers or RFID readers, additional costs are incurred, including a new frame or casing - resulting in the end product becoming more expensive and adding significantly to project costs.

What Thinlabs brings to the marketplace is the ability for our customers to:

  • Customize base products with most options included
  • Create hardware solutions with customisation across the following options and more:
    • Screen sizes (from 10" - 50")
    • Touch / Non-touch
    • PoE (Powered over Ethernet) - for screens up to 42”
    • RFID accessories (such as Readers or Motion Sensors)
    • Fingerprint Scanners and Biometric Enhancements
    • Printers

Contact a representative of Thinlabs' Custom Development Solutions team for more information.