Green Computing

Thinlabs and Thin Clients: The Perfect “Green” Partners

As a company, Thinlabs is committed to helping protect our environment and lessen the impact of its products on our world throughout their lifecycles. Thin clients are the ideal platform to take advantage of green computing technology, and Thinlabs’ products underscore the company’s commitment to green IT.

Thinlabs thin clients:

  • Use nearly 85% less power than PCs (thin clients use between 10-20 watts of power, vs. up to 150 watts for traditional PCs);
  • Reduce computer-related energy costs, including office heating and cooling costs, by up to 90%;
  • Trim power costs by more than $50 annually per workstation;
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 25%, partly due to absence of hard drives and use of low power microprocessors;
  • Use fewer hazardous materials in their production and minimal packaging during delivery, resulting in less end-of-life disposal, and contributing to a reduced CO2 footprint; and
  • Extend the life of one’s investment in technology by at least three years (PC replacement cycle: three-four years vs. thin client replacement cycle: average seven years).

For more information on the environmental impact of thin client technology, contact us.