Health Care Implementation: HELIOS PointClickCare Solution

Learn How Thinlabs Technology Delivers Critical Care Information Directly to A Point-of-Care Senior Care Facility

Having convenient and timely access to patient information close to the point-of-care at a medical facility is critical to delivering quality patient care.  In many facilities across the country, medical practitioners connect to patient information from costly and complicated PC setups at nurses’ stations, in department work areas, or on mobile medcarts; not receiving the information where it is needed most - the all-important point-of-care.
Utilizing touch screen, thin client technology from Thinlabs, a large health service provider headquartered in Florida made it easier for caregivers to access patient information directly from a patient’s bedside or at other critical points-of-care, while significantly improving the return-on-investment and efficiency of its IT operations.
The facilities’ management team made the decision to switch to a web-based point-of-care solution, eliminating the need for costly, high maintenance PCs on resident floors.  Facility administrators then turned to Thinlabs to design, develop and deploy a cost-effective hardware solution to streamline and ease access to patient information throughout the facility and not just from designated work areas.  
The provider installed over 600 Thinlabs thin client computers, including HELIOS wall-mountable touch screen thin clients pre-configured with PointClickCare point-of-care software, and ARGUS integrated thin clients with Emar billing and administrative tasks for handling billing and administrative tasks at nurse stations, at faciliites across the east coast from Florida to Massachusetts, mounted outside of resident’s rooms, at strategically placed kiosks throughout the facility, at nurse stations and key point-of-care areas.
Each device is equipped with an HIPAA-compliant privacy filter to protect patient information across the network and utilizes POE technology to sharply reduce cost and overall deployment times.
Each facility utilized Thinlabs Device Manager appliances and software, allowing IT staff to centrally manage / monitor devices and perform system administration tasks throughout the complex remotely, saving significant time and staff resources.  
With the Thinlabs thin client solution, facility medical caregivers can now access a patient’s medical records closer to the area of treatment than ever before, without having to move around bulky PC-based carts or locating the nearest available workstation.
Since its initial deployment, the facility has realized numerous work- and cost-related benefits as a result of using thin client technology from Thinlabs including:
  • Lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO), as thin clients are more cost-effective over their lifespan and last longer than a traditional PCs;
  • Additional cost savings in both energy consumption and cooling, as PCs create more heat and use more power wattage than thin clients; and
  • Less computer- and IT staff-related costs, since thin clients can be deployed, managed and monitored remotely from a central location.

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