Perhaps the most energy efficient computer in the world?

Consider your existing desktop computing electricity power requirement per computer. Take that number and cut it in half. Now cut it in half again. What are we left with - about 30W?

How about if you were offered a computer that consumes about one-third (or less) the power used by your computer, while running Windows 10, equipped with a Ryzen processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 1 TB SSD (or larger if you so desire), can be powered over the Ethernet, and has an all-in-one form factor that supports a 19" non-touch/touch screen that can be bought off the shelf.

Thinlabs All-in-One range of computers consume an amazing 20 W1. With the generous RAM capacity and superior integrated graphics, the processor is a strong performer capable of handling most tasks with ease. Additionally, the computer features a long life chipset, paired with an industrial grade motherboard, that will be manufacturer-supported beyond 2024, thereby providing economical, long-term performance.

Device Power Consumption Comparison - Thinlabs POE Computers vs Standard Desktops

You’ve got it all - low power consumption, great performance and long life - in one Thinlabs sized package.

Thinlabs devices have been customised for most industries, including food, healthcare, financial services, retail/PoS and manufacturing.

Contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

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1. Average consumption of an 19" All-in-One model; 22" systems consumes about 25W on average while in operation.
2. See standard desktop power consumption source.