Thinlabs and the Paperless National Health Service (NHS)

The NHS’ Director of Patients and Information, Tim Kelsey, has stated that 2020 is the year in which the NHS will go paperless while also saying “every patient needs a barcode”.

The NHS is a behemoth, and digitisation is a complex, multi-year project that involves many aspects such as software, hardware, storage, a secure retrieval system and access control systems. This blog applies to the hardware, and in a limited way, the security aspect of digitisation.

Thinlabs has extensive experience working with hospitals and assisted living facilities. With products that have been developed over the years to improve data capture and improve security, Thinlabs brings this experience to the UK and the NHS.

Some of our ‘FIRSTs’ include:

Most of our product development has happened in conjunction with our customers, and has been tried and tested in the demanding North American marketplace. Additionally, with the world having agreed to reduce our carbon footprint in order to arrest climate change, Thinlabs can be a good option to save electricity owing to its better efficiencies.

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