AMD / Thinlabs Road Show: Mar. 10-13, Digital Signage Expo 2015

Check out the newest Thinlabs Power Over Ethernet IR Touch Thin Client Computers, featuring AMD Quadcore Technology, as part of AMD's latest offerings at Digital Signage Expo in the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 10th - 13th 2015.

Thinlabs POE Computers offer significant power and electrical savings from typical systems, running both data and power over a single CAT5e or CAT6 network cable at a distance up to 100' from POE 802.3at+ power sources.  Add in Thinlabs' IR Touch technology with increased touch sensitivity and increased screen durability, along a 7H Hardness Rating to help prevent / eliminate scratching on the IR touch screen itself, and you have a future-proof, long-lasting thin client computer that's part of a highly-scalable solution built to grow with your enterprise!

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