Smart Computers for Smart Buildings

Picture this - you enter your office building, swipe your access card and walk to your desk. Your computer has been booted up and is ready with a "Welcome - happy working!" message. At the end of a productive day, when you swipe your access card to go out of the building, the computer shuts down after saving any files that are open and will be ready to resume operations the next working day.
The next generation building will be smart, energy-efficient and designed around the occupants, rather than the other way around. With IoT technologies fast becoming mainstream, the next generation of buildings are already here. Today, many items have gone truly smart and digital - lighting, security systems, wi-fi, fire safety; but a major item that still requires electrical wiring is the desktop. Arguably people work in buildings mainly because they have computers in them (if you take computers out, the beach and the pub will be in great demand for hosting offices!). So how do you make computers ready for the smart building age?
Power over Ethernet (PoE) has the answer. Thinlabs makes PoE desktops and digital signage for your office. The one major change from regular computers is this - Thinlabs all-in-one computers are PoE enabled. They work on the humble network data cable or Ethernet cable that is ubiquitous and used by many of the technologies and services described earlier. There are significant advantages apart from being among the lowest energy consuming computers in the world. They also allow offices to bring low voltage 'DC to the desk' solutions.
Cost Elimination
With no need for electrical plug points, electrical wiring or expensive electricians, Thinlabs PoE computers will help you reduce costs significantly. Include procurement costs and transportation - those sums add up to very impressive numbers
Faster Installations
Speed up project timelines: Thinlabs PoE computers can be installed in hours / days - reducing project timelines by high margins and speeding up time to productivity. 
Greener Solution 
Thinlabs PoE computers are among the most energy efficient computers in the world and consume on average about one-third of the power. Add the green credentials with eliminating electrical cabling, making Thinlabs PoE computers the must-have green solution for the enterprise.
Safer to Use
PoE is rated at a max of 57V DC and is safe to use, especially in public areas. This is below European Low Voltage Directive requirements.
Greater Security and Throughput
Thinlabs PoE computers have the benefit of easier and more secure central management for the use of wired connections. Wireless security flaws, which have been in the news as of late, can be avoided by using Ethernet.  Wired Ethernet also maintains a strong throughput, unlike wireless which can be adversely affected by overcrowding.
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