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For Desktop, Mobile and Wall Mounted Products

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Thinlabs’s products come with a standard one (1) year Limited Hardware Warranty. The warranty can be extended to three (3) years within 30 days of purchase.  During this period, Thinlabs will, at its option, either replace a defective product with a new or rebuilt product or repair it with new or rebuilt parts at no charge except as stated below. The parts or products that are replaced become the property of Thinlabs Inc. This Limited Hardware Warranty is provided to the original owner only and is not transferable to any third party. This limited warranty does not cover any of the products hardware that you or any third party has modified or altered; you bear the sole responsibility and liability for any such modifications or alteration.


Thinlabs Hardware

This Limited Hardware Warranty from Thinlabs applies only to the use of branded hardware sold by Thinlabs Inc., its worldwide subsidiaries, authorized resellers, or country distributors (collectively referred to in the Limited Hardware Warranty as "Thinlabs"). The term "Thinlabs Hardware" is limited to the hardware components only. "Thinlabs Hardware" includes only those parts or accessories sold with the product, thin clients, power adapters, power cords and power bricks or other Thinlabs branded options and accessories except for keyboards and mice. The term "Thinlabs Hardware" DOES NOT include any software applications or programs.

Thinlabs may repair or replace Thinlabs hardware products

  • with new or refurbished parts,
  • with equivalent products to the products being repaired or replaced but which may have been subjected to prior use,
  • with products containing refurbished parts equivalent to new or parts which may have been used, or
  • with equivalent products to an original product that has reached end of life.

Replacement parts are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for ninety (90) days or the remainder if the Limited Warranty Period of the Thinlabs Hardware in which the parts are installed, whichever is longer.



Thinlabs does not warrant that the operation of its hardware product will be without interruption or error-free.  Thinlabs is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions that came with the Thinlabs Hardware.

This Limited Hardware Warranty does not extend to any product from which the serial number has been removed, or that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of:

- Accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, contamination, improper maintenance or other external causes
- Operation outside the published operating specifications for the product, including improper environment, excessive or inadequate heating or air conditioning or electrical power failures, surges or other irregularities
- Improper site preparation or maintenance
- Software, interfacing, parts or supplies not supplied by Thinlabs
- Any use other than ordinary commercial or industrial application
- Virus infection
- Loss or damage in transit
- Repair, modification, improper adjustment or installation of options or parts by anyone other than Thinlabs

Thinlabs Service and Support

For all customers requesting service under this warranty, visit the Support page of the Thinlabs website and request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). For service, enter all required information to the online form, pack the product(s) in question in its original shipping container (or equivalent), and clearly note the RMA number on the address label.

The customer is responsible for paying for insurance on the package and all related shipping charges.  HAZMAT items, including Lithium Ion Batteries, must be shipped by an approved HAZMAT shipperThinlabs pays return shipping charges via UPS Ground.

Thinlabs Warranty and Support is limited to manufacturing and hardware defects only, as noted in our Warranty Policy.  If through no fault of the customer, Thinlabs is unable to replace or repair the product as provided for above, Thinlabs will replace the product with a new or refurbished product with comparable form, fit and function.

Paid telephone support consultations are available for (1) remote hardware and software troubleshooting; (2) Thinlabs Device Manager remote installation support, consultation and troubleshooting; and (3) firmware image creation, upload and support (a time estimate will be provided in advance by Thinlabs support personnel.

Thinlabs reserves the right to charge standard out-of-warranty service fees when units returned fail to exhibit any problems as reported; or any problems with the thin client could have been remedied utilizing troubleshooting FAQs and Downloads documented on this website.


Registered users of Thinlabs products receive the following benefits including, but not limited to
(access to some content requires registration to protect against software piracy and copyrights):

Contact a Thinlabs support representative for additional information.


If your system will not start, check the following:


  • If the power button is pressed, does the system turn on?

Power Supply:

  • Does the power supply light come on?
  • Is there a loud hissing sound coming from the power supply?
    if Yes, the power supply may need to be replaced.
  • Check power cable connection to the AC adapter
  • Check DC connection to the thin client
  • Does the power supply work with another Thinlabs system?
  • Does the power supply work on another electrical outlet?
  • Does the system work with a different Thinlabs-approved power supply?
    [NOTE: Using non Thinlabs-approved power supplies with Thinlabs system voids all warranties].
  • Does the power supply connector fit snugly into the DC-In Port of the motherboard?


  • Is a Thinlabs-approved PoE switch being used?
  • Is the PoE switch powered on and configured correctly?
  • Is the port on the PoE switch to which the system is connected working?
  • Is the CAT5e/CAT6 network cable from the PoE switch to the PoE-In port working?
  • Has sufficient time been given for the system to boot (systems with PoE BIOS may take up to 30 seconds to display a welcome screen as there is low-level negotiation between the PoE switch and system)?

PoE Injector:

  • Is the power cord properly connected to the Injector, and the power light from the injector on?
  • Is there a network cable connected from the "OUT" port of the injector to the "IN" port of the system's PoE splitter?
  • Is a network cable connected to the "IN" port of the injector?

External PoE Splitter:

  • Is there power from the PoE splitter to the motherboard power port?
  • Is the PoE working on another system?


  • Is the battery charged?  If yes, the battery may need resetting.  See this FAQ.
  • Is the proper charger being used to charge the battery?
  • ONLY connect the charger to the battery - DO NOT directly connect the battery charger to the system as the motherboard will be overloaded and short out, voiding the warranty.
  • Is the battery properly connected to the system?  
    See the FAQ on Battery support for more information.
  • Is the battery cable in good condition?




  • Check the internet connection to ensure it it functioning.
  • If attempting to access a specific website via the Internet, check to see if another website can be accessed through the internet browser.
  • If attempting to PING another IP address on the network, check to see whether that IP address can be accessed from another client.
  • Check the switch or router to ensure it is working - check the network ports to ensure they are working.
  • If network access is controlled by a central MAC address database, ensure that the correct MAC address of the device in question is included in the database.
  • If there has been a recent power outage, check whether devices (servers, switches, routers etc) have been probably reset or turned on.

Hard wired Ethernet connections:

  • If using Static IP:  ensure that there are no duplicate IPs on the network.
  • If using DHCP:  check the network port by connecting a portable notebook computer at the same network jack, or;
  • Check the system at another station to ensure it is not a network port problem.
  • Check the CAT5e / CAT6 network cable.
  • If using PoE:
    • Make sure the network cables are firmly connected from the PoE switch to the internal PoE splitter and/or PoE injector.
    • Make sure the network patch cable is firmly connected on the computer from the POE Out port of the internal PoE splitter to the LAN port of the motherboard.
    • Check that overall power capacity of the PoE switch has not been met.
    • If using a POE switch, confirm that the port is properly configured to deliver sufficient power to the system.
    • If using a POE injector, confirm all cables are properly connected, and that the injector can deliver sufficient power to the system.

Wireless connections:

  • Check to see if external wireless antenna is connected and threaded properly into the connector.
  • Try swapping an antenna from a working device.
  • Check that the wireless access point is online and accessible through other wireless clients.
  • Ensure that the correct SSID / Passphrase is entered in the wireless settings on the thin client.
  • If using a Windows 7 device:
    • Verify or update wireless configuration on the client
    • Commit changes to the system using XPe's Enhanced Write Filter Manager (EWF) and reboot the system.


THINLABS WARRANTY AND SUPPORT IS LIMITED TO MANUFACTURING AND HARDWARE DEFECTS ONLY. Review our on-line support options, including our FAQs and Downloads first.


If OEM Software does not complete a successful boot process:

  • NOTE: It is the responsibility of OEM support personnel to provide recovery media and instructions to end users.
  • Thinlabs can offer this service for OEM customers with a valid support contract.
  • After the initial system BIOS post, if OEM software (regardless of operating system) either (1) fails to load completely or (2) continuously reboots, try reloading the operating system.

OEM Software Touch screen problems:

  • When using a proprietary OS, verify that X and Y coordinates are not hard-coded so that the touch screen calibration utility can properly detect and set coordinates.  If coordinates have been hard-coded, update settings in the software as required for the specific unit.
  • If, after trying the above to remedy any issues, the thin client is still not working, please request an RMA for further support.


Thinlabs reserves the right to charge standard out-of-warranty service fees when:

  • units returned fail to exhibit any problems as reported;
  • problems resolved are not manufacturing and hardware related; or
  • any problems with the thin client could have been remedied utilizing the available on-line support options provided.


Thinlabs systems have two default user accounts (user / password),
Administrator / Administrator and User / User, respectively.

Change default passwords prior to deploying systems in the field.

Devices are set to auto-logon to the local User session by default.
If you change the password or create another user, you can set the units to autologon by:

On WES 7 (W7e):

  • From the Start menu search box, search forcmd
  • Right click on cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
  • Type the cmd "control userpasswords2" and press <Enter>.
  • The "User Accounts" applet should open.
  • Uncheck the box "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer" and click <Apply>.
  • When prompted, enter the credentials for the user session that requires to auto logon when unit boots.
  • Commit changes to the EWF using EWF Manager.
    You can also change the autologon setting remotely using Thinlabs Device Manager)
On WES 2009 (XPe):
  • Start Menu | Setup Panel | Utilities | TweakUI
  • Scroll down the menu list on the left, select Auto Logon, and set new login credentials.
  • Commit changes to the EWF using EWF Manager
    (you can also change autologon settings remotely using Thinlabs Device Manager)


We are open from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.


We accept company check, wire transfer or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express).  For companies requiring additional credit, the Thinlabs Leasing Program for Business is also available.


We are located at:
225 Lincoln Highway, Ste 178
Fairless Hills, PA  19030


You can request a quote by sending us your requirement via email, through our online Thinlabs Store, or by using the product inquiry form.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on units purchased for evaluation (i.e. no restocking fee).  Units purchased for evaluation must be guaranteed on a credit card.  An online Quote / Invoice with a credit card payment link will be emailed (alternately, large organizations can raise a PO with NET 30 terms).

If the product is returned within 30 days in good standing, either the refund will be applied to the credit card or the invoice voided.  See Thinlabs' Return Policy for more information.

Once a product is approved, you can open a business account with Net 30 terms for purchasing additional quantities by completing a business account credit application (subject to credit approval).

Orders are accepted via email for processing - verbal orders are not accepted.  Be sure to include a PO number if needed.