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  • The Next Generation Remote Device Management Solution, Thinlabs Device Manager (TDM) 4.0
  • Save up to 20%* on HELIOS Touch Screen Thin Clients
  • Free Shipping through the end of 2014
  • Is Your Touch Screen Wearing Down?



The Remote Device Management Solution for Integrated Thin Clients and Thin Client Computers - Thinlabs Device Manager 4.0

Thinlabs, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the new and enhanced Thinlabs Device Manager (TDM) 4.0, the next generation enterprise-class remote device management solution from Thinlabs that offers the following upgrades from its predecessor, the Aurora:

  • Remote...
Ravi Ramanuja

Touch Screen Zero Clients from Thinlabs

Thinlabs new Touch Screen Zero Clients offer the latest touch technologies in a compact, powerful, all-in-one form factor. These zero clients come in 17, 19 and 22 inch screen sizes and bring the following features to the marketplace:


Thinlabs is pleased to announce HELIOS Integrated Touch Thin Clients with new IR Touch Technology! There are significant benefits to IR touch screen, including:

  • Increased Screen Durability, with a 7H Hardness Rating, for little/no scratching on the IR touch screen
  • Increased Touch Sensitivity with Dual IR Touch Technology...