The Power Over Ethernet Computer, Your Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Desktop

Sustainability is not a buzzword but a way of life. Not only does using fewer resources help reduce costs, but also helps improve the environment and therefore the quality of life. As we usher in the future, it's time to make choices that reflect these thoughts and embrace the Power Over Ethernet computer as the desktop of the future.
Thinlabs Power Over Ethernet computers, available in touch and non-touch options, that not only feature excellent performance but can also be powered by PoE 802.3at+ (Power over Ethernet) switches or mid-span injectors, thereby eliminating the need for costly electricity cabling and power sockets. These POE Computers have been tested with Cisco, Meraki, Netgear, Phihong, Black Box & Power D Sine POE switches/midspan injectors. The range does not compromise performance and features the following processors:
  • AMD G Series Quad Core GX SoC – Fan less design (the Kabini range)
  • Intel N2600/D2550 Dual Core – Fanless design
As an increasingly internetworked world continues to develop, companies can use the benefits of converged IP that Thinlabs’ Smart Thin Clients bring to the table:
1) Lower power consumption - Thinlabs is the only organisation to offer touch / non-touch, Quad Core / Dual Core, Windows/Linux PoE Computers that operate under IEEE’s 802.3at+ PoE standards and consume less than one-half the power of the standard desktop. The lower power consumption also results in less heat generated, reducing the need for excessive cooling.
2) Backup power systems - Unlike regular desktops, Thinlabs’ Smart Clients will not need individual back up power systems. Instead of 24 individual UPS systems, the PoE setup means that a single 750 VA UPS per bank of 24 ports can support up to 24 Smart Clients. Using a PoE system also means that there will be no need for individual spike busters to manage spikes in power supply or during generator operation.
3) Larger Screens - Thinlabs Smart Thin Clients feature 17, 19 and 22 inch displays in an integrated / all-in-one format operating under PoE+ standards. This is the first time that computers in these large screen formats, which users prefer in their desktops, has been made available with a full-fledged Windows operating system (Windows Embedded 8 and Windows Embedded 7).
4) Quiet operation - Adding another feather to the sustainability cap is the fanless design and flash storage offered in the ARGUS and HELIOS Smart Thin Client range. This results in silent operation eliminating fan and disk noise from large open plan offices and creates a much more productive environment.
5) Elimination of power cabling - Removing power cabling from offices eliminates installation and maintenance costs, which are often rather high given the hazardous nature of high voltage electricity. It also reduces usage or resources (such as wiring and plastic insulation) while adding to the green credentials of your organisation.

6) Solar powered PCs - Targeted at schools in poorer, rural areas which suffer from a scarcity of electricity and high initial and maintenance costs, Thinlabs’ computers (like the ADITI) can be powered by a battery charged by solar cells. Offering a complete day’s work out of one charge (up to 18 hours*), the solution is practical, sustainable and cost effective, especially for under-developed and developing countries.

Thinlabs' Thin Clients feature industrial IPC motherboards designed for long-life and 24/7 operation, so your sustainable PoE Desktop will be a long-term investment while offering a truly environment friendly solution.
For more information about how Power Over Ethernet Computers from Thinlabs can help your organization, please contact us.