Thinlabs University (A-M)

You may see or hear a bunch of techno-jargon thrown around in the midst of your emails and telephone conversations with Thinlabs representatives - here is a list of some key terms and simple definitions in English that you can understand (A thru M - updated periodically). If you want a more technical explanation, click on the links where available.

  • All-In-One - a system in which a computer case and system components are integrated into the monitor so that an entire computer is contained in one unit
  • Certification Sticker - a silver sticker on the back of Thinlabs systems indicating serial number, model number, certifications, input power / voltage required, and applicable warnings
  • Cloud Computing - storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive; files and programs are hosted by a service provider
  • COA (acronym for Certificate of Authenticity) - a small license sticker provided by Microsoft allowing for use of Windows software on the computer for which it is installed
  • Conformal Coating - protective covering applied to Thinlabs Industrial systems that provides extra protection from heat, dust and humidity
  • Dual Core - type of motherboard that has two central processing units (or CPUs) in its core
  • Enhanced Write Filter (abbreviated EWF) - a write-protection security utility available in Thinlabs software that prevents unauthorized system changes
  • Flash (associated terms include Solid State Drive [SSD], Hard Disk Drive [HDD], mSATA or Disk On Module [DOM]) - your system’s storage - it’s needed in order to save files, install programs, etc.
  • Inverter - (newer systems use an LED Driver) - an internal system part that is the power behind the video - if this doesn’t work, you’ll never see anything on screen - you may hear the system working properly even though it doesn’t work
  • IP65 Compliant - an International standard indicating complete protection against dust and other non-corrosive materials, plus offers enclosure protection from nozzle-projected water in any direction
  • IPC - a type of motherboard designed with premium materials meeting industry-accepted standards for long-lasting use in tough industrial environments
  • LVDS - low voltage video standard by which Thinlabs LCDs and LEDs operate; require significantly less power than standard screens; often used for high speed graphics
  • MAC Address (also referred to as MAC ID, Hardware Address or Physical Address) - a unique IEEE network identifier assigned to a specific network hardware interface
  • Memory - (Random Access Memory [RAM] or Small Outline Disk In-Line Memory Module [SO-DIMM] are associated with this) - an ever-changing chalkboard of information where computer instructions and data are continually written to and erased so your system can function properly.  New Thinlabs systems come standard with DDR3 Memory.
  • Motherboard - the main engine behind the system - controls all of the system functions - if the motherboard doesn’t work, nothing’s working


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