Why Smart Thin Clients

Smart Thin Clients from Thinlabs deliver a number of benefits including:

  • Lower Costs

    • Reduced administration, training, service/support and training expenses
    • Reduced costly energy consumption
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Greater Security

    • Business critical data, information and applications are stored and accessed from a central data server, and not housed on individual desktop systems.
    • Access to and usage of applications is easily monitored and protected based on a company’s rules and policies
  • Improved Manageability

    • With a centralized data server, application upgrades are instantaneous across the entire network of smart thin clients.
    • Eliminates desktop service and support time and costs.
  • Greater Reliability

    • System downtime is non-existent with smart thin clients.
  • Improved Flexibility

    • More users can access a single smart thin client.
    • Applications and information on the network can be accessed from any smart thin client device across an enterprise worldwide.
  • Environmental-Friendly

    • Use nearly 85 percent less power than PCs.
    • Reduce computer-related energy costs by up to 90 percent.
    • Reduce one’s CO2 emissions by nearly 25 percent.
  • Improved Productivity

    • Allow for simple administration and maintenance of system and software deployment and upgrades.

For more information on how Thinlabs can benefit your organization, contact us.