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Audrie Valencia

Thin Client vs Thick Client: Thin Is In for Today’s Enterprise Networks

At many of today’s progressive companies, the search for thin client technology starts with a comparison on thin client vs thick client.  Companies are now realizing that user desktops are looking much slimmer thanks to powerful and cost-effective smart thin client technology.

For years, organizations relied on thick, bulky...

Audrie Valencia

PoE Thin Clients - An Overlooked Enterprise Network Asset


(updated 2019-06-14) There is no doubt that integrated thin clients deliver numerous environmental, cost and management benefits.  One benefit often overlooked, however, is the ability of thin clients to take advantage of emerging power and data technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the more advanced PoE+ standard. 

Thinlabs PoE thin clients allow for a single Ethernet cable to be used as...

Audrie Valencia

Industrial Computers vs. Smart Thin Clients (updated 2019-06-14)

Harsh work environments can be unforgiving on an organization’s technology and devices.  Business devices in manufacturing environments can be subjected to extreme temperatures, sudden jolts or vibrations, and excessive dust and dirt, among other realities.

Some manufacturers currently use Industrial Grade Thin Client PCs to work through such environments.  However, as these organizations continuously look to improve processes and resources to speed...

Audrie Valencia
Integrated Thin Clients - The Smart, Intelliigent Solution

Integrating technology into one’s organization can be a time-, resource- and cost-consuming process.  Today, many organizations are turning to integrated thin client technology to better manage and control access to business-critical apps and operational data across an enterprise.

Integrated smart client technology allows organizations to reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively deploy the latest technologies and applications across diverse and geographically disperse work environments, and help quickly respond to ever-changing and evolving company...

Audrie Valencia

Each industry and organization have its own unique technology and business needs, and the healthcare industry is no exception.  Medical care providers have much to be worried about, especially when it comes to financial, environmental, regulatory and patient privacy issues, just to name a few.

Luckily, healthcare smart clients can help address, ease and even simplify many of these issues. For many providers, Thinlabs thin clients for healthcare have proven to be a cost-effective, reliable, robust and environmentally-friendly...